Sujet et corrige de bac c 2016 anglais

I - Complete these sentences with the appropriate words of your own 5 marks. II- Complete the following sentences with appropriate words chosen from the brackets. I - Fill in the blanks spaces with the correct word chosen from the following list 5marks. II- Complete the following sentences with words chosen from the brackets 5 marks. Dans cette phrase, on a un indicateur du simple present: every week end.

Il s'agit alors des actions habituelles, ce que Jimmy fait chaque fois. Dans cette phrase, on utilise le 2nd conditional car il s'agit d'un souhait, d'un voeux.

sujet et corrige de bac c 2016 anglais

Beyonce If i were a boy Have they, haven't they, hasn't they? Do not change the sense of any sentence. I was born in Yaounde. In spite o f his intelligence, Affizie failed the Probatoire examination. In spite of the fact that Affizie was intelligent, he failed his examination.

D ans cette phrase on commence par In spite of.

DNB Epreuve ponctuelle : sujets et corrig├ęs

If i were you, i would see the doctor immediately. I haven't got anything to do now. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write in the space provided. You may make other changes you find necessary. The training course takes three years. It's a three years training course. Without is father's help, we wouldn't have got the job. If his father hadn't helped him, he wouldn't have got the job.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Ut lectus felis, facilisis nec erat at, pretium pellentesque lectus. Nam dictum justo sit amet placerat consectetur. Maecenas laoreet, ligula vel scelerisque ultricies, lorem urna luctus odio, eget convallis. Quisque vestibulum tempus felis. Nulla interdum varius arcu nec.

Duis id erat nunc. L'electrotechnique F3. Froid et climatisation F5. Maintenance audiovisuelle MAV. Chimie industrielle CI.

sujet et corrige de bac c 2016 anglais

Economie sociale et familiale ESF. L'industrie d'habillement. Salaire : Son job. Sa formation. A chaque fois, fais-toi des fiches : dates et personnages incontournables, etc. Il porte une double casquette. Son Job :. Son iob :. Sa formation :. Et la licence pour le second cycle. Sujets d'anglais au probatoire.

Sujets de biologie au probatoire A. Sujets d'anglais au probatoire D. Sujets de chimie au probatoire C et D. Sujets d'histoire au probatoire. Sujets de physique au probatoire A. Sujets de physique au probatoire C.True : l. False: l. False: "one of the world's most exciting photography competitions" l. England l. Photography has the power to record memories ans events so that they may be cherished and remembered later.

The narrator was not in control. She was drawn to the scene as if by some irresistible force. There was nothing she could do against it. It is conveyed through the use of questions she is asking herself.

sujet et corrige de bac c 2016 anglais

The first question implies there was an outside force, something that attracted her. Then the second implies that i twas of her own doing. First of all because Stonehenge is one of the most famous and mysterious landmarks in the U K. Everyone wants to see it. But they also take pictures of the monument because everybody else does it. This may be considered as somewhat ridiculous. She literally and metaphorically stands back and casts a different eye on the monument and the situation.

She is not only taking a picture, she is also taking a picture of those who are taking a picture. The main interest is not Stonehenge but people's attitude. Photography attracts, advertizes and encourages, but it can also make time come to a standstill poetic function. It can also denounce and convey messages.The mood in the text is rather negative as far as the future of the planet is concerned: it is a kind of appeal for recognition.

At the same time there is a sense of powerlessness in the way humans are inevitably abusing the Earth. Limit the height of the buildings l. This is very different from what we know New York to be nowadays. Here the street and the sky look clean and there is even a river with grass growing on its banks between the buildings.

We could say that New York has entered a new era, the green era. Nothing is clear cut. There are advantages and disadvantages to the notion of urbanisation. Unfortunately, we destroy our planet every time we develop towns and cities. Urbanisation has a very noticeable impact on nature. Doc B: The author, Donald L Miller, looks at progress in a very positive way and shows the building of skyscrapers as a real advance for humanity.

Adaptability with the zoning law. Here are some elements you may use in this answer. I will suggest some questions for you to use in the conversation where I will try to vary the tenses in order to gain more points.

Eddie finally decides to talk to Beck. When you have to write in English you need some linking words to create a structured argumentation. Here are some of these words. Try to match them with their synonyms and their French translation. You will simply have to reorganise column 1 and column 2. You will find out the answers on our blog in a few days and we will give you more ideas to improve your exam.

Voici certains de ces mots. Here are some sentences to give you some clues: A. Moreover, he is scared of modern technologies.

Accueil Le soutien scolaire, c'est quoi?Copy out the following paragraph filling in each blank with one word taken from the text. Justify each answer with a quote from the text. New Canadians. Indigenous Peoples. Justify with a quote. The journalist thinks that Canadians have a strong and remarkable identity. In Aprilof Canadian citizens traveled to France to commemorate the th anniversary of the battle for Vimy Ridge, which took place in It is paradoxical that we commemorate peace after a war, with dead and wounded.

It was a commemorative for the first trip of the Atlanta Zephyr. He could feel the speed. It was not the picture of a vase or a cat. The train, tinted blue, was a notion of possibility. Human beings had made these trains, men like him, and if to outsiders a stamp was no kind of monument to a grand idea, for Alphonse this was true craftsmanship. With a few simple strokes, with a few anonymous cars and one noble locomotive, the artist had composed the definition of dreaming.

Anything could be in those cars, anything he wanted. He filled albums and albums with stamps from around the world. Every place on the globe was linked by the invention of the railroad, it crossed oceans and cultures.

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Extrait Document A A. Stamps represent the obsolescence of works made by men, as a souvenir. Document B H. En ce moment. Que faire avec ou sans le bac Find one common point and one difference between April 9 and April 9 Give 2 reasons why the battle can be considered a turning point in the history of Canada. Suivez-nous sur Twitter BAC Salons Studyrama Retirez ici votre invitation gratuite.

Alternance possible.Petition calling for US presidential candidate to be denied entry to UK on grounds of hate speech racks up nearlysignatures in 24 hours. The government has signalled it will not refuse the US presidential candidate Donald Trump entry to Britain following his controversial comments about Muslims, despite a petition calling for a ban gathering more thansignatures in just over 24 hours. Parliament considers all petitions that receive more thansignatures for a debate.

The petition to ban Trump, which became open for signatures at 4. The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. The same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter the UK. The petition comes after Trump was widely criticised for saying on Monday that Muslims should be banned from entering the US. We are out of control.

A Downing Street spokesman said there were no known plans for Trump to visit the UK, so suggestions of a ban from Britain were hypothetical. He added the remarks should be seen in the context of an internal Republican election campaign. Although he said it was interesting that so many people had called for a ban, Trickett said he preferred staging a debate, rather than imposing travel bans.

In effect, that usually means people seen to be preaching hate or inciting extremism. However, individuals can also be blocked on the grounds of their criminal records.

Why was a petition signed to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK? The Chancellor was refering to the Freedom of Speech and religion as enshrined in the First Amendment to the US constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, Toleration is one of the pillars of the US democracy and therefore calling for members of a specific religion here Muslims to be barred from entering the US territory runs counter to this constitutional fact and to US history since its inception.

When can a person be excluded from entering the UK according to the text? This had led to the recent banning of antisemitic or white-supremacist people, among others.

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The right is preserved in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is granted formal recognition by the laws of most nations. Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.

Free speech is the right to say whatever you like about whatever you like, whenever you like, right? Free speech and the right to freedom of expression applies to ideas of all kinds including those that may be deeply offensive.

But it comes with responsibilities and we believe it can be legitimately restricted. You might not expect us to say this, but in certain circumstances free speech and freedom of expression can be restricted. Governments have an obligation to prohibit hate speech and incitement. And restrictions can also be justified if they protect specific public interest or the rights and reputations of others. Any restrictions on free speech and freedom of expression must be set out in laws that must in turn be clear and concise so everyone can understand them.

People imposing the restrictions whether they are governments, employers or anyone else must be able to demonstrate the need for them, and they must be proportionate.Toggle navigation.

Destinataire :. Message :. Envoyer un nouveau message. Signalez-nous la et nous nous chargerons de la corriger. Choisir ce que vous souhaitez imprimer :. Le sujet. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are locked in a very public feud over artificial intelligence. Musk has repeatedly warned about the dangers of AI, describing it as a potentially existential threat to the human race.

Zuckerberg has a different take. On Sunday, he took questions live over the internet while barbecuing beef brisket at his backyard in Palo Alto, California. He responded to a question about Elon Musk's warnings by saying he was tired of the fear-mongering. I think it's really negative and in some ways I actually think it is pretty irresponsible.

His understanding of the subject is limited. Musk ignited a global discussion on the perils of AI in He predicted that humans might be doomed if we make machines that are smarter than us. He said in a recent interview that his warnings haven't been heeded. Musk, who's leading space exploration projects and major tunneling initiatives, is now trying to develop AI that he hopes will have a positive impact on humanity.

He's heading up a startup that intends to build devices to connect the human brain with computers. Zuckerberg is no stranger to AI. He worked last year on developing an artificial intelligence system to help run his life and his home.

After about hours of work, he posted a video at the end of showcasing an AI system called Jarvis, which is voiced by the actor Morgan Freeman. In his broadcast, Zuckerberg said AI could be a force for good because it helps power self-driving cars and diagnose illnesses.

sujet et corrige de bac c 2016 anglais

And you're arguing against being able to better diagnose people when they are sick. I just don't see how, in good conscience, some people can do that. I'm just much more optimistic on it than probably a lot of folks are," Zuckerberg said. Musk, who has been warning about intelligent robots causing massive job losses and potentially gaining uncontrollable autonomy, responded to Zuckerberg after a social network user posted the tech billionnaire's comments. Musk, founder of a space company, says humans have to consider colonising other worlds and even merging with machines to maintain the upper hand over robots that "will be able to do everything better than us".

After reading the text, what can you say about:. Ne vous contentez pas d'informations minimalistes. Comment on the following paragraph and explain Musk's feelings on the topic: "Musk says humans have to consider colonising other worlds and even merging with machines to maintain the upper hand over robots that "will be able to do everything better than us'. On vous demande d'analyser cette affirmation afin d'expliciter les sentiments de Musk sur le sujet.

Participants must create a robot that will improve people's lives. Write a speech to present your idea of the perfect robot to the jury.